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How can you be in the Nursing profession in overseas countries? There are different routes to be nurses overseas. 


This is the most sought after route in this profession to overseas. The main countries that are attractive to be a registered nurses at present are Czech, UK, Ireland, Australia, US, New Zealand and Canada.

What are the requirements to be a registered nurse overseas ?

Minimum eligibility to be a registered nurse in any of these countries will be Either Diploma or Bsc Nursing qualification and one to two years of experience. There after they have to score IELTS in Academic module an overall score of 7 and 7 score in each band. For Ireland the score can be less. For New Zealand the scores of two IELTS exams can be clubbed to achieve the required score.The current Programme to Czech, exempts potential candidates from IELTS.

How can I register with the Nursing Councils in overseas countries ?

Once you have achieved the required qualifications and experience, you have to start the registration with the Nursing councils of the overseas country. This is normally lengthy process and will take minimum two to five months. At the end of the registration, you will receive decision letter from the Nursing Councils, with certain conditions to be completed to be a registered nurse with them. These conditions will be to complete either, Adaptation of two to three months, Overseas Nursing Prgoramme (ONP), do a bridging courses of three months to one year from an education institute or University, pass Competence Assessment Programme ( CAP), pass Computer Based Test ( CBT) from their country of origin and in the overseas country etc..

How can I do this programmes ?

To fulfill these conditions, you have to enter the overseas country and in turn have to arrange the required visa, admissions in the Universities and supporting facilities. The entry visa can be visit visa, study visa, work permit visa of private or government employer as per the requirement of each country.

How can I get the PIN number/ Registered nurse status after this ?

Once you have completed the requirement, the concerned Nursing Councils will register you as Registered Nurse with eligibility to practice. You have to maintain your registration with the Nursing council and have to renew as per the rules of each country.

How can I find job after obtaining the registration ?

Once you become a Registered Nurse, you are in high demand and in most of these countries Nursing is in the Shortage Occupation list, means the country is struggling to find qualified Nurses. So, you should never look back once you attain the registration in any of these countries.

It depends, in some countries, where there is acute shortage of Nurses, they may give you free course, flight and facilities. In such situation, your cost will be very less. In some countries, you have to spend for the tuition fees, Nursing Council registration, CAP fees and other incidental fees.

How much Salary can I get as a Registered Nurse ?

In the beginning of the career you may start with $ 12/ hour and as you go to upper grades you can even get $ 40 -45/ hour.

Which country is in most demand now ?

At present, the country in most demand is Ireland. In Ireland you can attain your permanent residence in five years time and can settle with family.


If you can’t become a registered nurse in any of these countries, you have the option to be Nursing assistants, Care nurses, Care Assistant or Senior Carer. You will be one grade below the Registered Nurse. The process to these routes are simple and fast.


If you believe that you may not be able to attain the required IELTS score, the best option is to enter into an overseas country for a short term or long term study programme. All these course will have to option of part time job along with course and some times paid internship as part of the course. Once you complete the course, you can try to be a registered nurse or the lower grades easily.

In some countries you may get one year stay back option to search for the further job. In Ireland if you do the Bsc Top up course you will get one year stay back and you can work full time. Also you can improve your IELTS and if you are able to achieve the required score, can get registration with the Nursing board.

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