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To pursue medicine in a country renowned for a long lasting tradition in the medical field and displaying the history of producing great doctors, you must choose to study in Bulgaria.Bulgaria remains the top European educational destination for international students as all medical universities in Bulgaria are recognized and confer valid degrees to the students.

There are thousands of students who unfortunately do not get admission in medicine course in India due to strict and compulsory entrance exam which has to be cleared by them. For admission in any Bulgarian medical university, a student doesn’t have to pass any entrance test which makes the country an ultimate choice among them.

Moreover, one has to bear a lot of expenses as the medical education here in India is quite costly. However, in Bulgaria, since almost all medical colleges are government funded, the cost of education is lowered to a certain extent, ie an Affordable fees of 7000 Euro per year which can be paid in two installments. . In fact, the tuition fee for medical education in Bulgaria is low as compared to other countries of the Europe. Also, the cost of living in the country is within the means of a middle class man( average 175 Euros / Approx INR 13,000) that makes Bulgaria a growing destination for international students. Apart from this, a student can choose to study in English medium without IELTS. 

The duration of medical studies in Bulgaria is around 6 years with the academic program divided into different programs and within that span of time ( 5 years) one can easily achieve PR.

The first part requires completing 2 years of pre- clinical studies. During pre-clinical practice, the student gains professional expertise in the specialty course he is studying in. In this way, he can enhance his practical knowledge and skills so as to inculcate work habits as well as solve organizational, prophylactic, diagnostic and similar other professional tasks. The second and third part includes 3 years of clinical studies and then 1 year of state clinical practice or internship, which comes in their final year. The student has to undertake clinical practice and internship in the university hospital.

Upon completion of the program, the student is conferred with a Master’s degree program alongside professional qualification of Physician.

The world class infrastructure and experienced teaching faculty give thumbs up to getting the medical education in Bulgaria.


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